Inaugural (topical) post – @fishhook

Sort of a damp day made Fish Hook (Fishhook website) a good choice. A blend of curry spices with fresh seafood was in order. I had an amazing shrimp bisque a few years ago and I was fish hooked.

Baby Jam LOVES curry flavours and spicy food. I’m sure it’s genetic. As you can see, she was chomping away with her snag-tooth.

Squimp tartine: Squid+shrimp+heat

Side of fishhook chowder: good chunks of veggies, potats, fish and also heat

The Belly: salmon belly+salmon bacon+spicy sauerkraut+some heat

Baby Jam had some of the salmon belly and crusty bread (see above). Threw two-thirds on the ground and I wept inside.

Baby +

  • high chair (non-plural)
  • not too echoey (shriek here-or-there will not destroy some ears)
  • not too loud, not too quiet

Baby –

  • most things have spice. . . IF your baby doesn’t tolerate heat

Watch out!

  • some things have honey (incl. the squimp)
  • check for bones

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