@Ferris’ in Victoria

Items Chomped

  • Pulled Pork Sandwich with Fries
  • Nut burger with Salad
  • Chicken strips with fries + lemonade

Always a favourite for us is the whole complex that is Ferris’. We ventured downstairs (grill) on this occasion. I probably would not venture with Baby Jam into the upstairs and definitely not Perro Negro. Baby Jam was sporting quite the scoop neck (see above). It was very dim in there so photography was challenging. Baby Jam tried as she might to chew through lettuce with her snag tooth to no avail. She had no trouble with the nut burger, though.


  • high  chairs: check
  • lots of alcoves and booths that contain shrieking from unsuspecting diners
  • staff were VERY understanding of messy eating rituals
  • kid’s menu
  • crayons and colouring sheet


  • tight quarters = no stroller
  • kid’s menu did not have healthy options (but we got extra fries out of it)


Ferris’ Grill (@ferrisoysterbar)



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