@Park’s Kitchen in Victoria

Items Chomped

  • Assortment of sushi, sashimi and tempura
  • Sweet & spicy chicken
  • Agedashi tofu

It was hal-abeoji’s (Korean translation: grandpa) birthday so we set out to find a spot with sushi and/or Korean food. It was a Sunday and everyone knows that Victoria is more or less a ghost town on Sunday for some reason. I had seen Park’s Kitchen only a few days before and it seemed to fit the bill.

Overall, we didn’t have too much trouble finding things on the menu that we could reasonably feed to our child. Tofu is one of her favourite foods at the moment so she chomped hard on the agedashi tofu after I lovingly stripped it of its delicious deep-fried coating, so as not to expose the precious child to what I am sure was a feast of trans fats (which Julian immediately ingested, eager that nothing must go to waste). Despite my efforts the tofu was still slick with grease and Baby Jam was thrilled. I deconstructed some avocado roll in order to provide something “fresh” and that was gobbled up as well, although not as enthusiastically.

The food was okay for the adults, there is better places for sushi in Victoria but the Korean food seemed decent.

Note: when is it okay to give your kid sashimi? It seems like a good, mushy food but I don’t want to be judged!

Baby +

  • high chair
  • lots of private seating, including booths with lots of pillows- ideal for breastfeeding!

Baby –

  • no change table in the bathroom and the counter for the sink was wet, this was no fun when she required some freshening up not once, but twice…
  • Not a ton of healthy options for kids




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