@Pho Vy in Victoria

This time it was grandpa’s birthday and he wanted Pho so we went to our favourite Pho restaurant in Victoria, Pho Vy.

Items chomped:

  • papaya salad
  • steak and brisket pho + extra veggies
  • steak pho

Due to Baby Jam’s persistent lack of teeth (only one so far, at nearly 11 months), she could only enjoy the prawn component of the papaya salad and enjoy she did. I have made a habit of ordering vegetables in my pho on Jam’s behalf and she seems to enjoy the broth soaked mushy vegetables. She had troubles with the steak though, it wasn’t as tender as I initially thought but luckily grandma scooped it out of her mouth and I gave her some small bits of brisket instead.

I really love this restaurant but it always feels like it has a layer of grease on everything. I didn’t want Baby Jam eating directly off the table so on my way out the door I grabbed a paper plate and a piece of tape! I then taped the plate to the table at the restaurant with great success. I am certain this is frowned upon in the restaurant industry but it didn’t harm the table and it probably resulted in way less mess so they should really be grateful for my innovation!

Baby Pros:

  • high chair (pretty filthy but I’ve yet to encounter a clean one!)
  • plentiful mushy food options for babies slow in the dental development
  • noisy, all her squeals were drowned out by the other customers and other infants!

Baby Cons

  • Be cautious of the hot soup bowls! The server kept placing each dish directly in front of Baby Jam and I had to frantically remove it from her eager reach.
  • Two big TV’s on either end of restaurant- if you’re uptight about your baby’s screen time (this could be a pro for some of us, she was mellow while we waited for the food as a result so I did not care but I did have to turn her to face a different direction so that she would eat and not continue gawking at Bradley Cooper (that’s for mommy’s only!))




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