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Big birthday for Laura! Laura’s parents treated us to dinner at 10 Acres Bistro in Downtown Victoria. I have only been here once for drinks so I was pretty excited for the food. Much hype.

Things chomped:

  • House Fries
  • Roasted cauliflower dip
  • Quinoa fritters
  • Farm grain bowl
  • Tagliatelle with rotisserie chicken AND chorizo sausage (yes, you can ask for excess)
  • Lamb special
  • Cheesecake and brûlée for desserts

You want your baby to look bougie, this is the place. Baby Jam had a bit of everything. Had her first french fry. Everything was amazing; very delicious. Baby Jam loved everything down to the lamb shin bone. I think she liked it for teething reasons.

*Forgot the Nikon D810 at home so I had to use the iPhone 7 Plus

The server and other supporting staff were VERY friendly and prompt. They were clearly baby fans.

Also, check out the plate we got recently! We are now taking it to restaurants to give her a clean surface to eat off of. It does a pretty good job of staying put but she also hasn’t put a ton of effort into trying to pick it up yet…


  • High chair: check
  • Very friendly staff
  • Fast service (essential when you have a fussy/hungry baby)
  • Delicious and healthy options for babies


  • Hard to think of anything but I guess the lack of change table in the bathroom could lead to some tough situations!




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