We haven’t made posts lately because we were on vacation in Korea!

Really fun but harrowing at times. The city streets were not ideal for strollers and the amazing public transport system lacked some accessibility features.

Baby Jam LOVED many of the Korean cuisine, partly because she has already been introduced by 할머니 (Grandma). I think her favourite was Bulgogi. She would “hand-fruit” that shit non-stop! Be warned, we Koreans love our spice. A bowl of water is your friend to rinse off any spice for your infant. 

Koreans of all ages LOVED Baby Jam. She really built a fanbase, especially on the train. The elderly population had no qualms giving Baby Jam a few pats on her bum or pinching her cheek chub.

All of the restaurants we visited were baby-friendly, as long as you target family restaurants. There are a lot of establishments, especially in Gangnam (where we were staying), that were catering to the after-work crowd. Idea of space is a little different, as you might expect. High chairs are provided but fitting by your table is a bit trickier.

I am not a travel blogger and lack the necessary eloquence to describe our whole trip. SO, enjoy some photos!


2 thoughts on “Korea!

  1. Love it! Glad to hear baby Jam loved bulgogi (I love it too!) and you guys were able to find a way to handle the spice by washing it off in a bowl of water 😉
    Also, that is one HUGE patbingsu that Laura has!


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