@_PartandParcel_ in Victoria

Sweet Lord, the food was good.


  • grilled flat bread, hummus, za’atar, yogurt
  • kamut fried chicken, coleslaw, bread & butter pickles, house bacon, mayo
  • carrot falafel, roasted carrots, farro, fried lentils, almond dressing

Delicious food and large portions. Everything had just the right amount of healthiness to indulgence factor ratio. There is a level of expertise to get carrots just the right amount of tender/crisp that I can never achieve. This place made me hyper-aware of that. I love me some fried chicken and this place nailed it.

Baby Jam devoured the food. As you can see below, she really enjoyed it. She still have trouble with the vegetables; she just needs a couple more teeth! Also, check out those flowing locks!

Baby Toddler+

  • High chair (singular)
  • Not to closed-in – let her roam and have a couple of outbursts without destroying ears
  • Great/friendly staff
  • Healthy options for toddlers


  • High chair = singular (there was one-in-three chance for you if you were there on a Saturday between 11:30 and 12:30)

– Julian



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