@Island Poke

Delicious raw fish. We haven’t collectively enjoyed raw fish in awhile due to limitations (see below). This place just opened up. Kind of pricey but considering you’re getting a bowl full of sushi. . . Amazingly fresh ingredients. Not too complicated; handful of menu items plus the ability to customize. They have a tofu option,… Continue reading @Island Poke

@_PartandParcel_ in Victoria

Sweet Lord, the food was good. Chomped: grilled flat bread, hummus, za’atar, yogurt kamut fried chicken, coleslaw, bread & butter pickles, house bacon, mayo carrot falafel, roasted carrots, farro, fried lentils, almond dressing Delicious food and large portions. Everything had just the right amount of healthiness to indulgence factor ratio. There is a level of… Continue reading @_PartandParcel_ in Victoria