@Whole Foods

Lazy Saturday buffet at Whole Foods. I always pile on too much and spend more than I have ever spent at any restaurant. But there are always great options for toddlers here. Be warned of two things if you dare venture here: Parking is a fucking nightmare. This complex (Uptown) is an abomination for driving… Continue reading @Whole Foods


@_PartandParcel_ in Victoria

Sweet Lord, the food was good. Chomped: grilled flat bread, hummus, za’atar, yogurt kamut fried chicken, coleslaw, bread & butter pickles, house bacon, mayo carrot falafel, roasted carrots, farro, fried lentils, almond dressing Delicious food and large portions. Everything had just the right amount of healthiness to indulgence factor ratio. There is a level of… Continue reading @_PartandParcel_ in Victoria



We haven’t made posts lately because we were on vacation in Korea! Really fun but harrowing at times. The city streets were not ideal for strollers and the amazing public transport system lacked some accessibility features. Baby Jam LOVED many of the Korean cuisine, partly because she has already been introduced by 할머니 (Grandma). I… Continue reading Korea!


@Fuego Old Town Eatery

Fuego Old Town Eatery (@fuegovictoria) Spoiler alert: this place has friggin’ delicious food. Items chomped: Veggie omelette Tamales Boar me Sunday morning of a long-weekend is maybe ill-advised for ANY restaurant with an infant, but it was even more cumbersome in such a popular brunch place. They have high chairs but we could not fit one in… Continue reading @Fuego Old Town Eatery


@Hide+Seek Coffee

Quick visit to Hide + Seek Coffee in Oak Bay. Leica M8. Playing with VSCO presets in Lightroom.

Hide + Seek Coffee

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